Tweed Battery Centre


Remote controls for your television, DVD or Blu-Ray players, air-conditioning units, cordless and mobile phones, garage door openers, smoke alarms, torches, cordless power tools, hand-held games and game controllers, cameras, watches, clocks, radios - the list of the products you use that require batteries is endless.

Look around you, is there anything that doesn't require a battery these days?

The Tweed Battery Centre offers competitive pricing on an extensive range of quality alkaline (single-use) and rechargeable batteries.

Aside from regular batteries such as AAA, AA, B, C, D and 9V, the Tweed Battery Centre also supplies a comprehensive range of specific batteries for cameras and camcorders, cordless phones, mobile phones, watches and clocks, car alarms and immobilisers, baby monitors, hearing aids, power tools, cordless vacuums, radio-controlled toys, handheld games and game controllers, iPads and Android tablets and e-readers, laptops, iPods, mp3 and mp4 players.

Visit the Tweed Battery Centre with your device and our experienced and helpful staff can identify, fit, or repack new batteries for you. If the battery is not in stock, we will gladly order it for you with delivery usually within two working days.

All Tweed Battery Centre's quality batteries and accessories are backed by a manufacturer's warranty.
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